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Founded in 2008, ELGIN MATT JOHN &Associates(E.M.J. & Associates) has grown into a versatile law firm of highly qualified and dedicated advocates representing diverse clients who turn to us for our advise and resources. We at E.M.J. & Associates maintain a persistent commitment to providing our clients with a consistently high level of representation and service. The advocates at our law offices continue to strive for excellence in their professional work, client relations, and personal growth. Our clients benefit from the depth of our expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge practice areas. Our legal expertise is coupled with industry knowledge that spans many industries. E.M.J. & Associates remains competitive in the constantly changing market for legal services by creating and implementing innovative and effective methods of providing cost-effective, quality representation and services for our clients. Innovation is the driving force of the global economy. To compete, companies must not only be innovative, they must also align themselves with innovative partners. At E.M.J. & Associates, we put our legal acumen, creative ideas, the latest technology and steadfast determination together to help our clients stay ahead of the pack.

E.M.J. & Associates is a skilled and professionally managed law firm based in New Delhi, with the unique combination of a strong consultancy practice and an advanced litigation practice. E.M.J. & Associates specializes in advising corporate clients/ individuals in relation to their business activities, intellectual property, criminal and civil matters and intends on delivering quality legal services at international standards across service lines relevant to business. The team of lawyers also cater to a growing number of individual clients with their experience in their respective areas. E.M.J. & Associates offers legal services in different areas like, human resource, intellectual property, consumer protection, corporate law and litigation services amongst others. E.M.J. & Associates team is a group of tight, energetic, hard working new age lawyers who believe in delivering quality work efficiently, and developing clients’trust.


We believe that the key to cost effectiveness and providing value for money lies in a Partner’s direct involvement with your work and delegation to appropriate people with requisite skills and experience for a particular assignment.

We believe in the power of knowledge. Knowledge management at E.M.J. & Associates means keeping ourselves and our clients aware of the latest developments through a continuous and extensive process of attending seminars and workshops, making presentations, research, and sending out periodic newsflashes to clients as and when any critical, legal or industry specific developments occur.We have a database of latest cases from relevant areas of law.


To ensure accessibility of E.M.J. & Associates personnel at all times, we are equipped with the latest
technology for effective communication through e-mail, fax, telephone and mobile at all times. We ensure that we keep communication channels open. We keep in touch with our clients to understand their business needs and objectives and keep them constantly updated on the status of their matters/disputes as the case may be. We appreciate any feedback from our clients
on how we can improve our services.

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