First post as a person in work

First post as a person in work

Alongside the now endless quotable one-liners, merchandise has now been made of the back of ‘thwoorping’, Christine Jannelle “When Katya throws her fan into space and it ‘thwoorp.” The thwoorp has become so popular fans were sold with the catchphrase emblazed and Dragcon and this year Dragworld selling out within the hour!

And finally what we love the most is the chemistry between the two, the genuine friendship radiates through the screen. Kelsey Jo Sunnygrove “ I don’t know why it works so well but it totally does! Their chemistry is addictive. Trixie is genuinely funny and Katya is… also funny but more lovable.”

The next chapter…

Summed up perfectly and accurately by Lani Ortega Roque “‘ UNHhhh isn’t just a web show series that you watch. UNHhhh is an organic comic relief that gives you, the viewer, something to raise your eyebrow at, something to laugh for, something that makes you go; “wait, what?” Often, their humor is gay referential at best- you cannot deny that once you’ve seen UNHhhh you will want to see another episode to see where this goes. Unlike other people, I was not an immediate fan of the whole concept of UNHhhh.

However, I do love Trixie- I saw her besties for cash with Katya and their Fashion Photo Ruview and I clicked on an UNHhhh episode, I ended up binge-watching all four episodes that were uploaded at the time. My life changed ever since I didn’t need to be a fan of Katya to like UNHhhh, but you know what? I proudly ended up liking Katya anyways.

UNHhhh is weird, it’s amazing, it’s hilarious, it’s beautiful, it is THE art of realism at it’s finest- despite the (sometimes unnecessary) over-the-top editing or the questionable opinions (Trixie with your mom can’t get pregnant rant), and it has clawed its way to every little Drag Race fans’ hearts- clawed because there is NO WAY it’ll be forgotten soon. So if you haven’t seen UNHhhh and you’re glad it ended, sucks for you, this show cured some people’s depression- it can cure your douche-ness too!’ The two of them keep saying they work so well because there’s no script, it’s not forced, and it’s organic- that is very true- obviously because you can watch bloopers and still feel like it’s another episode of the show.”


Hello readers, hope you are all well! This week has been very hectic, so hectic in fact that it feels like a month!

So I started working on Saturday, since my last post I have worked Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday) and my feet hurt! I’m not claiming that working in retail is difficult, not even challenging but going from being unemployed and not doing very much to being on my feet for 8 or so hours a day is a little extreme. So I want new feet, but no one seems to have any. I still haven’t found a pair of shoes that are comfy enough to spend all day in.

There are a few things that I don’t like about working in retail. I don’t like the fact that Christmas starts in November, I don’t like having to be nice to rude people and I don’t like being covered in glitter because Christmas starts in November. Now, I have no objection to Christmas or to glitter, but when you can’t avoid it and have to deal with it day in day out it gets old very quickly. And being nice to rude people is just frustrating, a smile or even a response would be nice, being polite and well mannered doesn’t cost anything! I forgot how much that annoyed me about working in retail. There are some good things about working in retail though, I really get on with the people I work with, and helping people that are prepared to speak to you and be nice has a very rewarding feeling with it. Other than that this week I had a lovely dinner with my boyfriend on Monday, because I had to go to Leicester for the day so we met up afterwards. So yeah, that was lovely, I hate not seeing him very often, and I do really miss him all the time I’m not with him, which sounds really soppy but I don’t care.