Technical club the most perfect vaping unit that is completely hassle-free.

Technical club the most perfect vaping unit that is completely hassle-free.


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The most perfect vaping technology that is absolutely easy

The technical pub happens to be a very nice fantastic throw-away vape unit. Pertains prefilled with clean 20mg smoking salt e water and a totally charged power supply. Hence simple and easy simple to use. Just take away the device from the box and youre all set. No control keys to press, breathe in to vape. Once vacant, only get rid of and pick up a fresh one. The nerd pub runs on a 500mAH battery pack, possess a 2ml prefilled capability tank and gives at minimum 575 puffs, the equivalent of over to 40 smoking cigarettes.

Title Geek pub arises from title on the supplier Geekvape.

The Geek pub is created by Geekvape. Geekvape was actually created in 2015 as a cutting-edge tech team. As well as these days thought to be a world-renowned maker of top-notch vaping systems, tanks and curls.

Over five years of vaping advancement development and reports have helped to to master the nerd club vape throwaway product engineering and build.

The technical bar is created in Asia

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Precisely what is a Geek bar?

The Geek pub is a disposable vape appliance which comes pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg smoking salt premium elizabeth water.

The 2ml age liquid power produces no less than 575 appetizing puffs. The same as 40 plus traditional tobacco.

Nicotine sodium age beverages are made available to your pc a lot faster than standard freebase smoking age fluids and supply a faster smoking struck to effectively suit your nicotine cravings, similar to that of a conventional cig.

Each technical club vape keeps a 2ml age water power fuel tank. And comes prefilled with 2ml of superior high quality age water with 20mg nic sodium and delivers 575 steady tasting puffs, roughly the same as 48 smoking cigarettes.

Featuring Geekvapes consistent production and a regular style technique when it comes to full longevity of the battery. Each puff you’re taking on a geek bar possesses a regular preference from start to finish.

It comes with a totally charged 500 mAH lithium-ion power. The large 500 maH battery pack will offer a consistent vape and essence per of this 575 plus puffs.

The technical pub vape employs top-notch organic cotton the wick. Natural organic thread provides the finest standard of season for that owner when compared to various other wicking items.

Each product is colored inside the matching pre-filled e water season with a carved diamond structure with a crystal-clear appearances outer case making use of top-quality plastic.

The design of bar was ergonomic, incredibly tactile and thinks fantastic in your own hands. The smooth external shell and ergonomic mouthpiece are a downright enjoyment to utilize.

All Geekbars include hermetically enclosed in a handbag before are filled into a package to make sure that this product is totally clean.

Weighing 105 times 23.2 x 14.3 mm and evaluating around 30 gr an individual wont know it’s in your pocket.

All-around this is certainly a terrific and trendy layout earned utilising the highest quality content and ingredients which gives a good quality vaping encounter for the consumer.

Geek taverns become appropriate all vapers. But is ultimately suited to newbie vapers shifting from smoking to vaping.

So simple to use easy and nice and clean

Simply get rid of the technical pub through the field and yes its equipped to vape.

Only breathe on the mouthpiece to vape. There are not any links to hit, it’s automatically inhale-activated.

Simply take they in your pocket and at a distance you decide to go. Once you’ve burned up all the pre-filled elizabeth fluid. Simply dispose of it correctly and pick up a replacement.

It is very useful. No links to mistakenly click. Need not cost, referring totally pre-charged. Entirely prefilled and leak-proof. There are not any dirty aquarium refills or coil changes involved.

Precisely what nerd club flavours can be obtained?

Nerd bars can be bought in 20 identifiable blended flavours with a real soft preferences: blueberry frost, sweet strawberry, apple frost, watermelon ice, menthol, cigarette, bitter orchard apple tree, lychee frost, banana ice, peach ice, strawberry ice cream, grape, fruit tart, enthusiasm berry, green apple, blueberry ripple teeth, white lemonade, blueberry bitter raspberry, geek berg and blackcurrant menthol.

Amongst the most common technical bar flavours becoming: blueberry frost, banana frost, peach snow, pleasing strawberry and watermelon snow since order.

Technical pub requirements

Sizing: 105 times 23.2 by 14.3 mm

Weight: 30 gr

Electric battery: 500mAH integrated electric battery

Inner container capacity: 2ml

Puffs: 575 puffs

Smoking material: 20mg nic salts

Coil challenge: 1.40 1.50 ohm coil

Optimal energy: 9 watts

Field content: 1 x technical bar

Solitary and multibuy supplies

All single and multibuy present pricing put free of cost following day delivery for every ordering without minimum invest. All commands is shipped via regal Mail top notch tool.

Nerd pub bulk purchase

For technical pub volume purchase please pay a visit to our very own multibuy supplies, the larger you get the greater the it will save you.

Inexpensive Geek pubs

If you are looking for less nerd taverns you should go look at all of our incredible multi-buy buys. Plus free of cost following day distribution on all commands.

TPD certified products

All geekbars equipment and e water are generally entirely tpd conforming goods

Even more information about technical club remedies

To assist you come more information about Geek club production in britain on the web.

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