GM Executive punished for Money Laundering

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GM executive and former United Auto Workers (UAW) Vice President Joe Ashton was sentenced Tuesday 16th Nov to 30 months in prison for accepting illegal kickbacks.

In 2019 the US Attorney officially charged Ashton with conspiring to commit honest services wire fraud and conspiring to commit money laundering in connection with the kickbacks taken in pursuit of an inflated $4 million contract to purchase over 50,000 custom watches for UAW members.

Ashton pleaded guilty in December and admitted to taking $250,000 in kickbacks and laundering at least $250,000 in money.

Ashton apologized for his role in the scheme and conveyed regret over his involvement. Ashton remarked, “I cannot tell you how ashamed and remorseful I am for what I’ve done.”

Ashton’s imprisonment is not the only scandal in the auto industry this week. A Chrysler engineer had some charges dismissed this week in connection with fraudulent emission tests. However, the US Attorney still plans to pursue other charges against the engineer related to the scandal.

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