UK- Restriction on travelers from EU on Criminality

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On Wednesday the UK Home Office announced that beginning in January of 2021 they will implement tougher criminality restrictions for European Union citizens who wish to enter the United Kingdom.

Then new rules will take effect the same day that free movement between the EU and the UK ends. Under this new restriction, foreign criminals who have been sentenced to more than a year in prison will be turned away. This has been the rule for all countries outside of the EU for years so British officials see is “part of the firmer and fairer approach the government is taking to the immigration system where people from across the world will be treated equally”. 

Under changes laid in Parliament from 1st January 2021, EU citizens will be subject to the same firmer and fairer criminality rules that apply to non-EU citizens. This means that: Foreign criminals sentenced to at least a year in jail will be banned from entering the UK Foreign criminals sentenced to less than a year in jail could still be banned, with the Home Office considering on a case-by-case basis their full criminal history and whether they have ties to the UK such as family members, Foreign criminals who haven’t received a prison sentence could also be banned from entering the UK, for example: if the offending is persistent or causes serious harm (such as sexual offences),if it is decided that their presence in UK is not conducive to the public good, or if they have a criminal conviction of any kind in the past 12 months and are seeking to enter the UK for the first time.”

Prior to January 1 2021 people with criminal convictions coming from the EU simply had to prove that they were no longer a threat to the UK before they were allowed in. Now, they will be automatically banned if they have served more than one year in prison if they have served less than one year in prison but upon a case by case review, UK officials believe they are a threat, or even if they have served no time in prison but have multiple offenses that caused serious harm, their presence in the UK is found to not be conducive to the public good or they have any type of criminal conviction in the past 12 months and are seeking entry for the first time.

This will not apply to EU citizens protected by the withdrawal agreement. However, if they are convicted of a crime in the UK or overseas after January 1 2021 their protected
status may be revoked.