June 13, 2020

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The High court of Delhi has now issued practice directions to lawyers for initiating e-filing facilities in all categories of cases.

Till recently this facility was only available in matters covered under the Arbitration, Commercial jurisdiction of The High Court of Delhi.

With this the Delhi High Court will become the only court in the country that is completely e-filing enabled. The work on the e-courts and paper less filing had been originally conceived and also initiated through the same court way back in 2009. The process had gathered steam after the COVID-19 Pandemic literally paralyzed physical hearing. This initiative had also weathered the growing resistance from the Bar Council of India against e-hearing before the Supreme Court if India.

The initiative of the High Court of Delhi is different as it allows all forms of cases to be filed online. What makes it interesting is that the filing can be done online through a portal from any part of the country, making Delhi High Courts one of the front runners to become a leading institution for adjudicating commercial matters, particularly arbitration.

This system could one day surely catapult High Court of Delhi and its its Delhi Arbitration Centers as a preferred establishment for settling arbitration disputes.

Please see the practice directions as well as the FAQ issued by Delhi High Court.